Future Projects




I currently have a number of projects in the development stage. The first - "Woman's Car to Chick Car: A Social History of the Woman Driver" - is a book-sized project that calls upon the vehicle category "chick car" to examine the evolution of the woman's car from a gendered domestic tool to a symbol of women's empowerment. Relying on historical accounts, my past work on the chick car phenomenon, as well as contributions of over 50 chick-car-driving women, this project brings attention to longstanding auto industry efforts to constrain women's car choice through reliance on "innate" biological natures, and the ways in which female motorists have persistently challenged such directives and in the process, reimagined what it means to be a woman driver.


A second project focuses on three accomplished female auto journalists who work in a variety of media. Through interviews, as well as an examimation of their collected body of work, I hope to uncover not only the strategies women employ to overcome obstacles in a male dominated field, but also how the writers call upon their own automotive experiences as women to add an important point of view to auto journalism.


Other projects in development include an examination of publications - print and online - created by and for the female car enthusiast as well as an analysis of the relationship between women and cars in films that are not Thelma and Louise.