The Popular Culture Association Annual Conference is always a great place to meet other auto-centric folks and check out their developing research. It’s one of the few conferences that has sessions devoted to things that move, so I try not to miss it. The topics are varied and interesting – this year included presentations on the Burning Man phenomenon, slot cars, and the legal implications of autonomous vehicles. For my own part, I talked about my newest project in the development stage – women’s cars in film. The comments and critiques I received gave me the impetus to move ahead. Looking forward to next year in Philadelphia.

Do you have a favorite women’s car/road trip film? What was the car and what was its significance in the movie? Feel free to provide a personal woman’s car film review in the comments section.

Published by Chris Lezotte

Chris Lezotte PhD is an independent scholar whose research focuses on the relationship between women and cars.

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